Our FAQ section includes answers to some of the most common questions customers ask about the House of Flowers services. If you have any other enquiries, don’t hesitate to get in touch using our contact form.


How do I look after my flowers once I receive them?
The flowers you receive will have been freshly cut that morning. When arranging your flowers, first add flower food and use lukewarm tap water for most cut flowers. For bulb flowers (such as daffodils, hyacinths, and tulips), use cold water. Completely change the water every 2-3 days rather than just topping it up. Be sure to keep the flowers out of direct sunlight, draughts, and hot areas. Following our care and recommendations, your blooms should then flourish for at least 10 days.

How do I know my blooms will last?
If you follow the care instructions, your blooms will last until your next fortnightly delivery and some foliage even beyond that. We buy directly from Europe, UK, Asia, and Africa and deliver directly to your door. With this efficiency, we can guarantee the ultimate freshness of your blooms and so you can maximise their shelf life beyond your standard high street florist. 


Will I always know which flowers I will receive?
In a word: No! It’s not until you open your boxed collection that you will know the flowers. Our core collection of flowers mainly consists of Roses, Orchids, Callas, Lilies or Tropical blooms, and the rest of your delivery will be seasonal blooms to give you the element of surprise. HOF Diaries will list the flowers you have received that day and you can start posting your pictures up as soon as you have created your floral designs.
What’s the difference between boxed collections?
We never compromise on quality. Each collection features high quality blooms and the main difference will be number of stems. The larger collections will also feature more variety.
What if I want to order more flowers or sundries?
You can do this online via our shop and any orders placed will be delivered with your next scheduled subscription delivery. Orders must be placed a minimum of 72 hours prior to your next scheduled delivery. Shop only orders will be delivered on the third day following receipt of your order.
How do I pay for my account?
All deliveries are paid via credit/debit card in advance. We require 5 days written notice to cancel via email to enquiries@hof.direct. For our full terms and conditions, please click here
What do I get if I recommend someone?
The best recommendation is word of mouth and that’s how the majority of our clients come to us. If you send an email to us at newmember@houseofflowers.direct with your details and those of the new member you have recommended (name, number and address), as soon as they place their first order you will receive Petal Points.
What are Petal Points?
Petal Points allow you to order products from our shop. Each Petal Points is worth £5 to spend only in the shop. We record all the Petal Points earned by you and they may be redeemed at any time by mailing us.


What areas do you cover?
We cover the whole of the UK.
How much is delivery?
FREE delivery is available in London, Berkshire & Buckinghamshire. All other areas have a standard delivery charge of  £5.50 per order.
I live in a gated home, how will you get in?
We start delivering at 7am so you can ideally awake to your boxed collection surprise, however we can deliver up until 7pm. Clients either leave us a code that will only be supplied to the delivery driver or we try and accommodate by delivering after 9am. Alternatively, let us know where we can leave your blooms in a safe place.
How big is the box?
It is of sufficient size to ensure that your blooms are not damaged and reach you in perfect condition.
What do I do with the box?
Once you have been creative in arranging your flowers (obviously having taken a picture and emailed it to us), if you live in London, Berkshire or Buckinghamshire kindly put your box in a safe place. We will collect the empty box and replace it with a new box filled with your fresh blooms. We rotate our boxes in these areas to ensure we minimise waste and do our bit to save the environment. Unfortunately we can not arrange collection to recycle orders sent by courier to other parts of the UK but we encourage you to recycle where possible.
What if I forget to put the box out?
Don’t worry! Following your first delivery, we will text you to remind you on the day before your next scheduled delivery.
What do I do if I’m going on holiday?
Please let us know by providing a minimum of 7 days notice, and we can put your order on hold and not deliver on the dates that you are away; or you can do so yourself via your login page. Alternatively, you could nominate a friend or family member to receive your subscription order instead, to do so just drop us a line.


Why should I use House of Flowers?
We are an elite concierge floral service that allows you to have the ultimate quality and quantity at the most realistic price. Our motto is to offer a unique concierge service to our discerning clientele.

Why did House of Flowers start?
Our offering was borne from a more traditional service of supplying fashion shows, the entertainment industry, and celebrity parties. We have always wanted to offer something different. Namely, we’re looking to replace the experience of returning home from shopping with broken blooms and over-priced flowers that do not last. We also want to inspire you to create and customise some excitement and surprise. Our intent is to provide an incomparable, elite service and add the element of you treating yourselves and adorning your homes with beautiful creations that last. We encourage our clientele to share their floral designs with other like-minded individuals in the process.

What will be in HOF Diaries?
Your pictures and designs and our designs along with any feedback and regular questions. We have a founder member that blogs for us and will tell you all about the flowers you have received that day too.We also like to mix in some fashion with flowers so any flower related content in the fashion world latest collections as well as your update on the flowers you have received.

What’s coming next?
There is a road map and we are working hard to bring you all the next thing in floral concierge. You will be the first to know when we can officially talk about it!


How do I give you feedback?
You can either email us or we have some surveys we carry out regularly on HOF Diaries.
How do I cancel my subscription?
You can log in to your account using the link at the top of each page and from there you can place your subscription order on hold, or cancel it. Alternatively you can drop us an e-mail at enquiries@hof.direct. Please allow a minimum of 72 hours notice to place your subscription on hold and for cancellations.
How do I contact you?
Our preferred method is by using our contact form here.