Saturday 10th March

Darlings Henrietta Oliver Fox here,

So very excited I’m getting a new edition to the family today a large …very large cat called Big Ben he is 4 years old and I can’t wait to get him he is gorgeous.

So my week consisted of dinner at “The Ivy” fantastic as always. I’m looking forward to going out on Sunday for a curry. Enough of food, it’s making me Hungry just thinking about it!

So this week I have a fabulous orange and yellow collection of 40 yellow Roses, 20 Orange Roses, 10 orange Lilies and then some lemon and Orange Tulips remember I pay £49 a delivery this is such fabulous value darlings!

I’m looking for a new car Darlings but really do not know what I want, no car really doing it for me except super expensive ones!

So I hope you have all had a fab week and looking forward to an even better weekend.



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