Saturday 24th February

Darlings Henrietta Oliver-Fox here,

Can not believe how fast the weeks are going by in February , its nearly done and into March before we know it.

So I have moved everything to our new business premise and its perfect. I cant wait to start again and get all settled and sorted boxes everywhere at the moment so chaos.

This week my fabulous delivery arrived in the HOF van I have 20 white/Green tinged Roses, some white Hypercerium berries, some white Wax flower, 30 White Tulips and some soft silvery Eucalyptus. This week I have split the Tulips up but have mixed the rest together in a gorgeous silver vase i have and they look amazing and smell wonderful.

I notice lots of flower subscription companies selling at 50% off 1st or 2nd box please note HOF offer this already 50% off your first delivery and free delivery to London , Berkshire and Buckinghamshire. £5.50 delivery charge to the rest of the UK next day service (Mon-Fri) HOF said if you have proof you ordered from another flower subscription company and decide to try the best, HOF, they will offer to match the deal if it is a better offer. However as I know HOF you will not beat the service they provide in number of blooms, freshness and quality.

I’m off for a dinner party this evening with some new friends very exciting and sure to fill you in with lots of gossip and laughs from the evening event. Love life darlings i have not spoken about it fora while as when i do everyone really does get the wrong end of the stick! So i’m tending to steer away from it unless you all really want to know… Have a great weekend my darlings


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