Saturday 2nd September

Darlings Henrietta Oliver Fox here,  so September already nearly Christmas!!! well nearly…this year has flown by as I’m getting older i feel time is speeding up , my advice… do what you want to do when you want to do it, as before you know it you will be too old and unable to walk without the aid of a Zimmer frame!

So based on this statement i am all set for London Fashion week fast approaching 14th September on wards I am going to concentrate on one designer for the next couple of weeks to help celebrate British fashion.

Clio Peppiatt is a London-based womenswear designer who launched her eponymous label in 2015, after graduating from Ravensbourne University with a degree in Fashion Print and Womenswear.

Previous collections have been featured in major fashion and lifestyle publications such as Elle, I-D, Hunger and Rollacoaster. Clio Peppiatt’s clothes have also caught the eye of celebrities including Adwoa Aboah, Lady Gaga, Lena Dunham, Kylie Jenner and many more. In August 2015, Clio was commissioned to design Charli XCX’s American tour outfits alongside stylist Louby Mcloughlin.

Her collections are instantly identifiable through their intricate hand drawn prints, vibrant colour palettes and an underlying tongue-in-cheek sense of humour. Clio Peppiatt explores themes of modern day femininity in her work, with the aim of creating unique and positive clothes to make women feel happy, bold and fearless.

I feel That the tongue in cheek part and her clothes are really what I represent and welcome you all to take a look at her fabulous collection

With this is mind House of Flowers have delivered me today the most fresh abundant cut blooms inline with this collection celebrating the best of colour Reds , Purples and lime Greens. I have 20 gorgeous fragrant Grand Prix Roses, 10 Lime Green Anthirums, Some rich Purple Irises, 10 purple Roses and 10 lime green roses they look so fabulous together all the roses. iris and Anthirums I have banded together and I have from my garden some snowberries I have cut and added to the vase giving some interesting texture. It not all about the colours it is texture as well.

Darlings now don’t forget you can now purchase one off floral subscriptions in a try before you subscribe way or give as a gift visit and look at the pop up!






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