Saturday 3rd February

Darlings Henrietta Oliver Fox here,

Well a busy week for me last week started with a new contract and its all learning and reading and trying to get organised. I am sure I will get use to it but it can be such a drag.

Lets talk snow…OMG it is full on for us southern softies, the wind as well I lay away on Friday morning just listening to it whistling around praying the roof tiles will not come off. I have a BMW which pretty much means I am stranded as it is a nightmare in the snow absolute chaos. Managed to see a dear friend on Thursday night but risked life and limb to do it.

So my trusty House of Flower order did arrive though, they are so dedicated to their clients… this week 24 gorgeous pinky/peach roses, 10 Alstroemeria that when open are so lovely and last for ages, 10 Stocks, that I always love the smell of and 10 Lillie’s. I have arranged them by putting the lilies and Alstroemeria together they look huge in my gorgeous Silver Vase in the entrance hall and the Roses and Stocks together in my Living room.

I have had to cancel some trips into Town this week because of the Snow but I am hoping next week we will all get use to it and things will be back to normal.

Have a fabulous weekends




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