What a great service! Such a beautiful box of flowers, personally delivered to my door. Mine was the Highclere (£39) and there were so many stems that I now have arrangements throughout my home. I definitely recommend HOF: what a treat to receive regular deliveries of stunning blooms.Katherine, Bourne End

What a lovely surprise to come home and find a huge beautiful box on my doorstep! A real treat and a very luxurious feel to the box and flowers. The flowers are gorgeous. Will definitely be ordering again. Thank you!Amanda, Pinkneys Green

Incredible luxurious sophisticated packaging and then beautiful flowers. Love that the flowers arrive in a beautiful protective box which is collected and recycled.Feel very spoilt with this gorgeous deliveryKaren, High Wycombe

Received my first order from House Of Flowers! Thank you! Great service and stunning flowers !!!Incredible luxurious sophisticated packaging. Steph Cookham Dean

The most stunning flowers I have ever received... Delivered in an elegant branded black box with flowers wrapped in stunning monogrammed paper. I had enough flowers for 3 vases, there was such a generous amount delivered. I've already brought my friend a Gift Voucher for her birthday next month and I cant wait to receive my next HOF deliveryLuciana, Bray

I love the fact that i get a surprise every week with HOF, I look forward to unwrapping my delivery and discovering what I can work with to make gorgeous arrangements, if I decide to do modern or traditional I have the blooms to achieve it . I also like to order some extras from the online shop to create even more arrangements and my girlfriends and I, have become quite competitive on our designs! Elaine, Thame

I always love fresh flowers but i'm never really sure what to get and end up spending huge amounts and not knowing what looks good together. This service allows me to either split the flowers or make one large arrangement. I also love to follow Henrietta Oliver-Fox on her blog and also to understand what flowers i got in my collection i have ordered every fortnight.Myles, Hammersmith

Wonderful concept, if you love having fresh flowers in your home regularly, check out House of Flowers.Maria, Maidenhead

I received my first box from HOF yesterday - absolutely stunning and a wide range of not only blooms, but foliage as well - my house is now full. I even have a small vase in my bedroom - what a luxury xAdi, Holyport

What a luxury !Beautiful flowers delivered in great style - I was so excited to open the stylish packaging to find layer upon layer of gorgeous blooms that I could then arrange to my own liking A brilliant concept and a wonderful gift to receive on a wet January morning Thank You xxElin, Windsor

Loved my flowers, delivered last weekend. Many thanks. I received the £69 option & had loads of blooms to fill 3 big vases. They are all still going strong a week later. Brenda, Bray

Gorgeous packaging and tied with a branded ribbon, I love this service, the flowers are so fresh and as  they are just stems, I can cut to the length I want them and arrange how I like. The delivery girl is really polite and friendly and I love the surprise element that I don't know exactly what I will be getting! recommended to all my friends.   Elizabeth, Belgravia

I heard about House of Flowers through Instagram and thought what a great idea, i have ordered every month the Buckingham collection to be delivered to my wife, She couldn't actually believe how many flowers she received in her box and the wow factor when you see the box being delivered, is great.  Peter, Nottinghill

Beautiful flowers. So professionally presented too. Just gorgeous.  Sian, Maidenhead

Recieved the MOST BEAUTIFUL heart shaped box of Roses yesterday at an awards ceremony from House of Flowers- they are just stunning and have such an elegant, glamorous feel to them. I feel truly spoilt to have received them.  Tabitha, Maidenhead